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You influence people no matter where you go .. Jes' keep on keepin' on, my love.


Actor, Producer, Director
"MUSKOGA" Black Seminole Indian
Austin, TX

Before April Gabriellé became an advocate to families in her community, she had to overcome some of her own personal battles. Growing up as a foster child, she wrestled with identity diffusion and an impulsive temper. With children, she overcame spousal abuse, homelessness, divisive co-parenting and living with PTSD. She imparts knowledge through her journey of hardship and lessons learned which are examples of how anyone can withstand the challenges of single parenthood. Today, she is an author and a speaker in the fields of self-development and spiritual growth. In 2010, Gabriellé wrote The Myth of the Broken Home-Guidebook for Single Parents, the first of a 5-part series of self help books. Her aim is to mute the harmful opinion towards Black single moms raising sons and to raise daughters who are not paralyzed by insecurities.  Gabriellé embraces empowerment through knowledge and education and as a first-generation college student she earned an MA in Human Behavior, masters coursework in Education and Criminal Justice.  She didn’t think twice about sacrificing her career to raise her kids.  In 2019, her son was awarded his Doctorate in Cell and Molecular Medicine, and her daughter is studying hard to prepare for med school. "Considering everything we've had to overcome together, I'm in awe and so proud of the two of them.”



"If I can't lead my own towards greatness, how can I expect to transform yours?"